Free Speech On The Road to Extinction

Original Article:

This trend towards “protecting” religion from “offensive speech” should be a heads-up to my fellow atheists.

We’re about to be outlawed.  See, to be atheist is offensive to certain religions, particularly that special one, Islam.  No one pays attention to the fundy Christians, but those same lethargic ears sure seem to prick up when a Muslim has a gripe.

If it becomes illegal to criticize religion, will refusing to observe a religion be considered criticism of religion?  If the existence of atheists offends a religious group, what then?

Will it be illegal to tell a religious person they shouldn’t discriminate against gays?

And will this apply to offending ALL religions, or just Islam?  Will it be illegal for a religious sect to claim it’s the “one, true faith”?

What kind of ugly can of worms is being opened up here?





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