“Racism” is the new “Heresy”

While perusing  the comments of various Canadian news outlets lately, mostly National Post, Sun media, and the (ahem) CBC, I have come to a conclusion, as you might have guessed from the title.

The word “racist” is today being used by the Left in the _exact_ same way that others once used the words “heretic”,  “witch”, or, ironically enough, “communist”.

It serves to quell discussion; such a charge is meant to.  After all, no good Christian listens to a heretic or witch, no good Capitalist listens to a Communist, and no good member of a Politically-Correct, Multicultural Country such as Canada will listen to a racist.

What does it take to be labelled with that tag?

Well, most importantly, you have to either be white, be assumed to be white, or be defending white/Western culture.  I’ve seen East Indian Hindus complaining about Muslims following them to the West* fall under the latter two categories.

Secondly, you have to simply recognize that there are differences between races and cultures.  Strange, but when all this started in Canada in the 1970s  – my formative, grade-school years – we were taught that it was _important_ to recognize differences, so that they could be worked through with mutual effort.  When I do that now, I’m told there ARE no differences, and I am racist for saying there are … even though 40+ years of life experience tells me the first teaching was more correct in the end.  You don’t have to dislike people just because they’re different, you just have to acknowledge they are different to be a racist.

Even touching on segregation to preserve cultures is “racist” – except when non-white, non-Western cultures wish to preserve theirs without the pollution of “Americanization”.

To set the record absolutely straight, I don’t really give a damn what people do in their own countries.  There are different countries for a reason – so that different people of like mind can live the way they wish without interference from others.

If Muslims wish, in their own natural or acquired countries, to wish to eliminate their countries of Jews, Christians, animists, atheists, Taoists, or whatnot, should be their business.  Let’s take Pakistan and India as a case in point.

India once comprised the whole of what is now India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  When the British gave up their lordship over the country (and that’s another kettle of fish, I’ll deal with in another post some time), it seems that it was recognized that Muslims wanted to be away from polytheistic Hindus, and Sikhs, and whoever else isn’t Muslim that might call India home.  So Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) were created so East Indian Muslims could have their own form of self-imposed apartheid.

Now we see – surprise, surprise – repeated attacks on non-Muslims in Pakistan.  The news reports – forwarded by such fine blogs as Jihadwatch, Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs (ahem, though I’m certainly no Palin fan, unless you’re talking Michael), and others – say that Hindus and Sikhs are being driven back to India.  Yet India does nothing about militant Muslims in its country, even after two bombings in Bombay (Mumbai), because the Hindus don’t want to look “intolerant”.  I have noticed of all the East Indian groups, Hindus assimilate in the West best; I guess they were just as prone to catching the PC bug.  (oo, is that racist?)

Now.  Pakistan was supposed to be for East Indian Muslims, and why any non-Muslim would have wanted to stay is beyond me.  They will be better off heading to India, especially now, but that should have happened right at Partition.

Before anyone thinks I’m “soft” on Pakistanis, or am on “your side”, wait.  I would think India has perfect right now to kick all Muslims out of its territory.  After all, they do have a place to go – Pakistan, or Bangladesh.  Or, really, any one of 57 countries that belong to the Organization of Islamic Conferences or whatever it is they call themselves now.

Ok, now that I’ve got you going, “uh-huh, yeah, I dig” .. now I’ll say this:

Now extend that right to ALL countries – including “white” ones.

Uh-oh, I hear synapses burning, and the word “racist” forming on keyboards.

Because I included the white countries.

If I had said, every country but European ones and their descendants, would you still be with me?









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3 Responses to “Racism” is the new “Heresy”

  1. Marc Winger says:

    Good points, very relevant nowadays. It always amazes me that people who push the “ideals of diversity”, always seem to be first to claim that there is no diversity among people. The definition of the word racism needs review by people before they decide to use it as a battle standard. This sameness was the ideal society dreamed of, by the Soviets & Red China.

    • If there were really no diversity, there would be nothing to worry about. The thing my enemies don’t realize is that I do respect the idea that people I don’t like have a place – in their own countries. I would be happy to move to a place designed for white atheists. moving is nothing new to me.I would be happy to go to such a place, as would my hubby. after his experience with a fundy Christian who seemed to want to control his food intake (as a cook, I find this offensive.)

      I simply think that Muslim and other non-white crap be left to the countries concerned, and white countries shouldn’t have to worry about such weird things – that’s anti-multiculturalism.

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