Oh, damn this stupid shit

The London rioters are what should be considered sub-human.  If they didn’t look like hairless primates, and had fur and tails, and long snouts, the authorities would know what to do, without apology.

I’m sick of human bullshit, really.  You have worse elements in your society, that are worse than your basic mindless parasite.  But they’re “HUMAN” so you put up with them.

Fuck you, y’all deserve what you get from your own HUMAN VERMIN.  Me, I’m not afraid to SHOOT GARBAGE THAT WALKS ON TWO LEGS.

Claiming you’re human will only result in a -10.

Kill all humans.  Up with wolves and raccoons.

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One Response to Oh, damn this stupid shit

  1. I was drunk when I typed that, but I decided to let it stand. Yep, fuck niggers and Pakis, and up with Wolvar.

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