Lots of stage collapses lately

Perhaps they had better screen roadies and carpenters and such better.

It does seem suspicious to me that so many music concerts in several different places lately seem to have been sabotaged – some were blamed for storms, but really, I have NEVER seen the amount of stage collapses as I have this summer.

Let’s see, what group of people hates music, unless it’s martial music accompanying scenes of young men training for war?  Hmmmm.



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2 Responses to Lots of stage collapses lately

  1. Marc Winger says:

    Maybe someone should be keeping track of the weather, but I agree that it’s odd, stage collapse. These things come in three’s, don’t they? Where next?

  2. ManofAthens says:

    Who hates music? If it was country music, I hate it.

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