Martyrs are absolutely useless.

The idea is to make the other bastard martyr himself for his ideals.

I hope the squeamish remember that when the hammer falls.



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5 Responses to Martyrs

  1. Marc Winger says:

    When there are so many martyrs, there are no martyrs. Martyrs are for the weak & simple-minded. Is that too harsh a comment?

    • darwinianoutcast says:

      No, I think you’re right. A martyr is supposed to be rare, and not something someone goes out looking to be.

  2. ManofAthens says:

    St. Peter went so far as to be crucified upside-down, as he felt he was not worthy of a death which Christ was subjected to. Now that’s a martyr.

  3. ManofAthens says:

    But he’s got nothing on Christ, who martyred himself for us all.

    • darwinianoutcast says:

      Then no one else needs to martyr themselves, correct? So what are Muslims thinking? You should be massively offended by them.

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