Ride Forever – a Canadian Song

I was born up north of Great Slave, 1898
And I rode near all my life on a ranch near Devil`s Gate
And I seen this world around me bend and flip and change
Hey it feels like rain — it`s a thundercloud

I could be a coward but I`ve seen two world wars
And I lost my son Virgil — my Korean reward
And my Lucy died last summer and you ask me if I cry
Hell, I`ll show you tears — they`re all over this ground
They`re falling from these Blue Alberta Skies

But I`m going to ride forever
You can`t keep horsemen in a cage
Should the angels call, well it`s only then
I might pull in the reins

Now, they tell me I`m an old man, they tell me I am blind
They took my drivers license, this house ain`t far behind
I say: jump back all you big suits you got something wrong
Cause I ain`t gone, no I ain`t gone

I am still breathing, I still have my pride
And I have my memories — your life it never dies
Like the wind that blows in thunder, like the stallion on the fly
I got it all and I`m standing tall
Underneath these Blue Alberta Skies

(chorus repeat)

Now I say to all you old men: don`t let yourself be broke
If you think the worlds gone crazy and it`s scratching at your throat
It`s time to dust off that old saddle, get it on a horse
Kick up your spurs, we`re gonna run like stink
We`re gonna tear across these Blue Alberta Skies

We`re gonna ride forever
You can`t keep horsemen in a cage
Should the angels call,
Well it`s only then we might pull in the reins






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2 Responses to Ride Forever – a Canadian Song

  1. ManofAthens says:

    I’m much more concerned about prairie dogs! If we’re not stealthy about stopping them at the borders, they’re going to come and destroy our crops. They should stay in Sask, Montana, and BC – where they belong. Once a prairie do gets into the province, and has babies (they always have dozens of them, it seems) then there’s no telling who else will come.

  2. darwinianoutcast says:

    I don’t think you mean the ground squirrel here.

    Man, rodents are the least of my worries. At least, not the ones that usually walk on four legs ..

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