Political Correctness Can Be Confusing

Here’s a thought exercise.

A white guy is faced with a choice of only two shows to watch – either the Red Green Show, or Little Mosque on the Prairie.  Which is the politically correct choice for him?

The knee-jerk answer is: “Little Mosque”.

But wait!

What if he fails to laugh at the jokes?  What if he laughs at the wrong thing?  What if he heckles or mocks one of the Muslim characters?  Can he be in danger of a hate-thought crime?  Is his “inherent white racism” showing somehow?

Maybe he’d better watch Red Green instead.  It’s all white guys, which is totally politically incorrect.  But the white guy viewer can laugh, and mock, and heckle Red and his friends and their antics all he wants, secure in the view that no one will take offense.  He might even enjoy the show more, knowing that.

But oh no, he’s taking enjoyment from watching a show with nothing but white guys in it!

Perhaps he should just cut the difference and see if he can find a few copies of The King of Kensington instead?


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