Assimilation Used to Work

It seems to me that the monarchy  was NEVER an issue before Trudeau, except for Quebecois rabble-rousers.  I grew up in a place heavy on second and third generation Italians and Greeks, and new Czechs and Russians. NONE of them made an issue about having a head of state who is a Queen stationed in England. NONE of them had a problem with singing “God Save the Queen” and “The Maple Leaf Forever” (Oh, Canada, the dullest one of the bunch, wasn’t so popular.) My school at the time also hosted a small handful of blacks (children of the underground railroad types, at the time) and one or two Hindus (I don’t remember any Orientals until high school.) The only one who did make a stink was an Anglo  Jehovah’s Witness kid.

Then Trudeau comes along, and says that the kids who were assimilated shouldn’t have been, and shouldn’t be forever more. That’s where the problems started.

“Assimilation” is a dirty word to the Left now, unless they’re talking about whites “getting used to”  non-white cultures (such as Islam). The Leftist view of assimilation is epitomized by the Borg of Star Trek fame. They forget what the Borg’s problem really is – they go out looking to assimilate others who are minding their own business in their own territories. Actually, this is the situation we have with those who want to spread Islamic rules everywhere.

Assimilation really means that the Borg are supposed to wait for people to come to them who say “I want to live in your collective”, whereupon the Borg have the right to say “Prepare to be assimilated.”

If you can’t see the difference between the two situations, then you might begin to understand the problem with the religion of Political Correctness/Multiculturalism.


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