Canada Never Needed Diversity

The biggest argument for diversity back before we were really hit in the face with it was that we would get more different restaurants.

But what does multicultural/multiracial diversity REALLY bring?

1)  Muslims beating people up for walking their dogs, drinking alcohol, or eating pork where Muslims can see them.  Muslims raping white women for not wearing hijab.  This goes on all the time in Europe.   We’ll never know if it happens here because of media censorship.

2) Chinese taking control of a major Canadian city.  Not long ago, we had the spectacle of a Chinese-originated TNT grocery store becoming an anchor in a mall in the Vancouver area.  Oh, everyone thought it was great, they were bailing out a dying mall.  But the Chinese proceeded to cancel the leases of all white-owned businesses, because they wanted the entire mall to be “Asian-oriented”.  So-called “anti-racists” never said a word.  Just a couple of months ago, we had the equally appalling spectacle of Chinese University of BC students complaining about a hospice being opened close to their dorm, because they thought being that close to the dying was “unlucky”, and they were afraid of the ghosts of the dead.  I thought you had to be smart to get into college?  How many real Canadians lost seats to these clowns?

3)  Sikhs being the only armed members of our populace.  They’re allowed to walk around on the streets with sharpened swords, with the excuse that it’s part of their “religion”.  You try that, white man, and see how long it takes the RCMP to be called on your arse.   So, how do we protect ourselves from these sword-wielders who have made it quite clear that they hate the white Anglo nature of Canada?

4) Black flash mobs, now in a capitol city near you.  Black flash mobs have been all the rage in the US, and it was the spark that set of the London Riots.  A flash mob is one arranged by instant social networking – cell phones with text, Facebook, and Twitter.  It came to Canada  last week in Ottawa, as a horde of blacks attacked a convenience store (the owner, blurred at the end, was a light-skinned bald guy, maybe an Arab, but hell, who needs a pack of blacks stealing everything in sight?)

5) Somalians have been reported in a number of areas to gang up and attack white people at random, just because they are white.

So, does Canada really need this sort of diversity?  Why isn’t anyone telling these people to be more tolerant of whites?  Why do we have to continue being tolerant of them?

Me, I’m finished putting up with them.

Let them choke on the portrait of the Queen.





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8 Responses to Canada Never Needed Diversity

  1. Marc Winger says:

    Allowing mass populations to immigrants to enter & settle is always a bad idea, unless it is purposely done, from similar nations, to fill up a frontier. History shows us this. Not integrating immigrants, on a strict institutionalized scale, is a crime against any nation.

  2. Ed Ruthazer says:

    Wow this is the first time I’ve ever seen a post in which the Troll didn’t just post annoying comments, but wrote the entire blog.

  3. Ed Ruthazer says:

    I’m sure the First Nations would have definitely agreed with you two centuries ago.

    • Yes, if they had seen what was coming, they’d have capped our asses, wouldn’t they?

      But the story in Canada, see, was that white colonization happened so fast, they didn’t really know what happened until it was too late, especailly here in the West.

      The liberals and NDP are trying to do the same with mass immigration – tell us everything is OK while they let in hordes of culturally and racially different people to take over, and they’re hoping we won’t notice until it’s too late.

      Learn from other people’s mistakes.

  4. Jesus Christ says:

    You’re a moron. If anyone thinks this is a reasonable argument, you are a moron as well. All this IS is a hate filled, unsubstantiated bunch of nonsense by a nutjob. I seriously wonder how dinosaurs like you are still able to survive?

    • I don’t know, Jesus, do you think Muslims will like you any better than me with a name like that?

      I hope you know Muslims think Christians are pagan “cross-worshippers” and dirty pig eaters who live with and like dogs, and that Muslims during this Arab Spring aren’t exactly holding hands and singing Kumbaya with Christians.

      Oh, and since Jesus was a Jew, watch out, they might think you’re one too, and you don’t want Muslims mistaking you for a Jew.

      Neither you, nor me, nor anyone else like us survive when the West dies at the hands of the East and the South.

  5. Infidel says:

    Four Footed Messiah, please email me; maybe we can cooperate.

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