Political Correctness Can Be Confusing

Here’s a thought exercise.

A white guy is faced with a choice of only two shows to watch – either the Red Green Show, or Little Mosque on the Prairie.  Which is the politically correct choice for him?

The knee-jerk answer is: “Little Mosque”.

But wait!

What if he fails to laugh at the jokes?  What if he laughs at the wrong thing?  What if he heckles or mocks one of the Muslim characters?  Can he be in danger of a hate-thought crime?  Is his “inherent white racism” showing somehow?

Maybe he’d better watch Red Green instead.  It’s all white guys, which is totally politically incorrect.  But the white guy viewer can laugh, and mock, and heckle Red and his friends and their antics all he wants, secure in the view that no one will take offense.  He might even enjoy the show more, knowing that.

But oh no, he’s taking enjoyment from watching a show with nothing but white guys in it!

Perhaps he should just cut the difference and see if he can find a few copies of The King of Kensington instead?


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A Few Little Words

I know this is old news, but it’s  been fermenting in my mind for a while now.

Robert Dziekanski  – Remember him, from Vancouver airport fame?  He was the Pole who couldn’t decipher signs well enough to figure out how to meet his mother, who was living here in Canada.

The RCMP got a lot of flak for his death, and likely still do.  But my question is this:

Don’t they sell Polish-English/English-Polish translation dictionaries in Poland?  If not, why didn’t his mother send him one- I’m sure you can find or order one at your local Coles (if they still exist) or Chapters or Indigo or whatever the current big book chain is?

If he had had such a simple, common item, he might well still be alive today because the police would have never had to respond to his being frustrated that Canada wasn’t full of Polish speakers to be at his immediate use.

There are people who are offended at the idea that a person should at least come armed with a bit of reference English.  I’m trying to understand why telling prospective immigrants that they should at least be able to read English well enough to use a translation dictionary is so horrible.

I made sure I had a Greek-English two-way dictionary before I visited Greece, and made darn sure I knew how to pronouce the letters right, too.  I had no problem – signs are fairly simple to read, and the words “help” and “lost” can get you very far.

So why can’t we in Canada ask people to know at least a little English for their own good?

Or do those who are offended think that Canada should have all signs written in every language in the world?

Would they demand this of all countries, in all the world?  Or just Canada?  Or just Western countries – would Japan be included or excluded in this case?

Why shouldn’t an immigrant – who was not some poor refugee – come armed with a language translation dictionary?

His death rests on his own head, and that of his mother’s.  If he had had a dictionary, and been able to at least point out a word or two, or translate signs such as “Exit” or “Information”,  the RCMP would never have been called, and he’d still be alive today.


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Hooray for Harper! He did what I voted for him to do!


Now this is awesome.  It’s about time we had a government who recognized that Canada does have a heritage, and it does have a history and culture, and that that history and culture have little to nothing to do with Asia or Africa in any which way shape or form.

Entire Article:

The Harper government, a staunch proponent of the monarchy, has ordered all Canadian embassies and missions abroad to display a portrait of the Queen by mid-month.

It’s the latest effort by the Conservatives to demonstrate support for Canada’s sovereign and part of a steady Tory campaign to champion more traditional elements of this country’s national identity, including the military.

“Like virtually every other country in the world who display pictures of their head of state in their missions, we expect all Canadian missions abroad to display pictures of Canada’s head of state, the Queen; along with the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and relevant ministers,” said Rick Roth, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

The instruction to install royal portraits in all of Canada’s foreign missions – scattered throughout 150 countries – calls for the pictures to be in place by Sept. 15, a government official said.

The Tories acknowledged that most Canadian offices abroad already hang a portrait of the Queen but said the new order is “simply to ensure conformity” across the board. They declined to identify scofflaw missions.

Gar Pardy, a former Canadian diplomat, recalled one foreign mission where Canada didn’t hang the Queen. “I remember that most embassies use to carry a picture of the Queen somewhere in the public area. The only exception was Argentina and there for obvious reasons,” he said, referring to the Falklands War.

The Conservatives have repeatedly tried to build respect for the monarchy since taking office more than five years ago, putting an emphasis on hanging portraits of the Queen in places such as the Prime Minister’s Office. One of Stephen Harper’s veteran aides, Ray Novak, is a staunch monarchist.

Back in August, the Harper government restored the word “royal” in front of the names of Canada’s navy and air force, reviving designations that had been discarded decades earlier. Defence Minister Peter MacKay championed the change as “celebrat[ing] our heritage” in the face of complaints from anti-monarchists and some Quebeckers.

Earlier this summer, Mr. Baird ordered colourful modern artworks by Quebec painter Alfred Pellan removed from the lobby of the Department of Foreign Affairs and replaced with a portrait of Elizabeth II.

Colin Robertson, a former Canadian diplomat, said the moves at Foreign Affairs suggest that it’s Mr. Baird who has a particular affinity for the monarchy. He could not recall previous Conservative foreign affairs ministers driving similar initiatives.

“This is, I think, particular to the minister. I don’t think we saw anything like this under [Lawrence] Cannon or [Peter] MacKay or [Maxime] Bernier,” said Mr. Robertson, vice-president of the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute.

Officials said that while Ottawa could courier pictures of the Queen to foreign missions, diplomatic staff are also able to cobble things together themselves: downloading a high-resolution picture of Elizabeth II from a government website, printing it off on a photo printer and purchasing their own frame.











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Ride Forever – a Canadian Song

I was born up north of Great Slave, 1898
And I rode near all my life on a ranch near Devil`s Gate
And I seen this world around me bend and flip and change
Hey it feels like rain — it`s a thundercloud

I could be a coward but I`ve seen two world wars
And I lost my son Virgil — my Korean reward
And my Lucy died last summer and you ask me if I cry
Hell, I`ll show you tears — they`re all over this ground
They`re falling from these Blue Alberta Skies

But I`m going to ride forever
You can`t keep horsemen in a cage
Should the angels call, well it`s only then
I might pull in the reins

Now, they tell me I`m an old man, they tell me I am blind
They took my drivers license, this house ain`t far behind
I say: jump back all you big suits you got something wrong
Cause I ain`t gone, no I ain`t gone

I am still breathing, I still have my pride
And I have my memories — your life it never dies
Like the wind that blows in thunder, like the stallion on the fly
I got it all and I`m standing tall
Underneath these Blue Alberta Skies

(chorus repeat)

Now I say to all you old men: don`t let yourself be broke
If you think the worlds gone crazy and it`s scratching at your throat
It`s time to dust off that old saddle, get it on a horse
Kick up your spurs, we`re gonna run like stink
We`re gonna tear across these Blue Alberta Skies

We`re gonna ride forever
You can`t keep horsemen in a cage
Should the angels call,
Well it`s only then we might pull in the reins






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Canada’s First Mistake

Canada’s first mistake was allowing what is now Windsor, Ontario to be a terminus of the Underground Railroad.  The British authorities and local French farmers should have driven the buggers straight back to Fort Detroit.


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Flash Rob in Ottawa

The camera doesn’t lie.

I’m beginning to think we started making our mistakes when we allowed the US Underground Railroad to terminate in Windsor, Ontario.


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Harper Praises Sikh Contributions to Canada

Full story here:  http://www.thestarphoenix.com/life/Sikh+Gurdwara+temple+celebrates+centennial/5321299/story.html



lFunny thing is, he never outlines what those contributions ARE.  So, they build Sikh temples.  How is that a contribution to Canada?  As a heritage Canadian, I can honestly say I have no use for Sikh temples.  Sikh temples are for the benefit of Sikhs only, and I’m sure they have plenty in their native India, don’t they?

Or is he praising them for how great a help they’ve been in the ethnic cleansing of WASPs from Canada?  Is he channeling Jack Layton, or what?













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